Day 97: Time Off

As I have expressed in previous posts recently, it has gotten difficult to find the time and energy to post on here everyday.  I have been blessed with more work than I had been used to the past few months, and that has caused me to get behind a bit in my gratitude project. But I have still been grateful everyday for all kinds of things, and that is what really matters. Besides, I can't help but wonder if my increased gratefulness over the past few months is part of what has contributed to my abundance of business all of a sudden. will never know for sure, but I'll be grateful for it anyways.

One big lesson from the past few weeks has been scheduling time off for myself. I started working 8-12 hours a day over a 6 or 7 day stretch mainly because I was still in the attitude of taking business whenever business is there and had neglected to schedule myself regular days off.  Phew! Since I most often work on Saturdays, I have decided to let Monday be my day off.  It won't fully go into effect for the next few weeks, but going into 2013 I will no longer take appointments on Monday. Whoo-hoo!

I also scheduled for myself a week at the beginning of the year to rest and recharge. I am not sure exactly what I will be doing with this time, but I know it is there and that foresight of relief is really all that matters.

Day 55: Beach Weddings

Even more thankful for beach weddings the day after my birthday! My dear friend, Penny, got married yesterday at a cute place on St. Pete Beach. Since it was my birthday the day before I decided to turn it into a little weekend getaway.

And SO glad I did! The past year or so I've gotten a lot better at taking some time off every couple months. Because of the nature of my job, I rarely have weekends and end up doing some kind of work everyday. I've realized a direct correlation between my productivity and enjoyment of work with the frequency of "time off."  This weekend's relaxation, reconnection, and party time was just what I needed when I needed it.

Oh, and did I mention how much fun the it all was? So fun.