Day 47: Patterns

I noticed a pattern this week. I didn't post my gratitude yesterday for the second time this project. The last time I did this (or didn't do it rather) was last Friday. So that leaves me to wonder, what's the deal with Fridays...?

I will say the past two weeks have been extremely busy. As I have been known to say, I suffer from jack-of-all-trades syndrome. So though I am busy, everyone else is too so it's not really much of an excuse. But I'm busy with a ton of different things, which makes the business pile high and wide.

Good thing I have


to pick things up where I am at and move on...gratitude must continue!

Day 41: Self-Compassion

So I missed posting my gratitude yesterday. I made up for it today so I am still on track but broke my posting-everyday-streak.

And I'm totally okay with that.

It's funny, we talked in my yoga teacher training class today about reciting mantras as a practice and how typically you want to do a practice for 40 days. I've heard elsewhere that if you break a practice, you should start again. I think it is funny that I broke this practice on the 40th day, but I feel it is a good thing I signed up for 101 because as far as 40 days are concerned, I've got 40 (plus 21) more days to get it right.

The truth is that it probably doesn't matter to anyone else whether or not I post everyday. So if I get upset about it, it's just about me. If I have compassion about it, I can move on and have gratitude for that. I'll go with that route.