Day 1: Memories of Clint

Just yesterday I discovered that a good friend of mine passed away in a car accident earlier this month.  I saw a picture of him on Facebook with words about "loving memories" and "passing on" that led me to check out his page to find several messages about his gentle, loving soul and how he will be missed. I agree with them all.

It only seems appropriate to start this project off with my gratitude for getting to share some time with this man. Clint showed me, and many others, the wonders of raw food. He taught me how to make salads, enlivened my love for kale, and is the reason I own a dehydrator.  It was also through Clint that I connected with an awesome group of friends. In a lot of ways, this guy changed my life.

I would like to dedicate this project to his memory. Clint was an incredible inspiration to those around him, may his love for health and good food live on in us all.

Here's a video of him in his element showing Tim Van Orden, a raw food athlete, the how-to on foraging Florida foods.

If I got a chance to talk to Clint one last time, I would want him to know that I can't make a salad without thinking of him and that I am so thankful he was here for his time with us.