What I Think I Know About Gratitude

A few weeks ago I decided to start a project called "101 Days of Gratitude," where I will recognize at least one thing everyday that I am grateful for.

For practice, I had one week a few weeks ago where I was actively posting on Facebook/Twitter something I was thankful for everyday. After the first few days, I started to notice how it often I wanted to post multiple things a day.  It was like I broke the gratitude seal or something. Once I started to look around for something to be grateful for, I couldn't help but notice an increasing variety of gratefulness.  This in turn, brightened my mood, shifted perspectives on my life and how it was moving along. It seemed true that practicing active gratitude helped me to see, or possibly to create, more things to be grateful for.

I anticipate a similar result from this project, but am unsure of how the longer time span will affect the outcome. My life may be about to radically change. But, gratitude project or not, this is always true, the excitement of which is one thing I am grateful for.