Day 25: The Tea Lounge

I think it was back in 2006 that I starting to come to this new tea lounge on Fletcher Ave. My roommate at the time introduced me to Kaleisia and I was hooked. Even after my first few times in the tea-ristas knew my name and what I had already decided was my favorite (rose black tea with jasmine green, iced, if you were wondering...).  I didn't know it then but this place would become central to my Tampa life.

The original mission of the owners, Kim and Lan, was to create a place of community.  I think it is fair to say mission completed. I know for a fact many friendships have started here, groups have formed, ideas have been shared, and there has probably been a few who have fallen in love over quality tea. But it is not the tea that's the best part, although they do this very well. Its the space they create.

In fact, they create space so well, they've recently kicked it up a notch. About a month ago, they unveiled their new location with more space including a larger and more private patio and a Japanese tea room.

And it really isn't the space itself that is so great, it's what it is filled with. In everything that kaleisia does, first and formost, is consideration of the community and how they can enrich it. They aren't in this business to make money. Their in it to make the world a better place and they do, one cup at a time.