Day 19: My East Coast Family

My mom is youngest in a family with three brothers, two of which are over 10 years older.  So my mom became an aunt at age 10 to Jimmy (my cousin). His dad, my Uncle Ken, followed the same pattern of his parents and had a girl, Julia, when Jimmy was 10 (another cousin). Though they are a decade apart, my cousins both had kids around the same time, when I was about 10. The oldest of those, Mae, had a baby, Devin, a year and a half ago.  Devin would essentially be my third-cousin, but at this point no one keeps count. All we know is we all love each other.

I've started to call this part of my clan the "East Coast Family" because they all live in the Melbourne/Cocoa area.  My East Coast Family is bigger than the relatives I've mentioned. My family includes my cousins' spouses, their family and friends.

Take Uncle Tony for example.  He's always at family gatherings, it wouldn't be a party without him, but I still don't understand how or if we are related.  But that doesn't matter, everyone calls him Uncle Tony. My kind of family.