Poetry :: The One

At this time of the Summer Solstice that the sunlight begins to slowly decrease in our days, I am reminded of this poem I wrote for my dear friend, past roommate, and soul sister who is devoting her life to the study of solar technology. Her dedication inspires me. 

I wrote this poem right after we first moved in and she was on our local community radio station taking about the Solar Home Tour she organized. 

The One

Every day we see the light.


Few have the knowledge

to capture it, contain

the life power of a distant star

before night, its absence, arrives.


Some revel in the darkness,

the cool blanket of overall shade

and the unknowingness of objects

even in proximity.


But I am like those others

who honor the gift of morning

and even in my package of pale

skin that needs protection,


I soak in rays of the one

and wonder how long

we can take our

God for granted.