The Art of Being Consistently Inconsistent

Like the flow of the tides and the cycle of the moon, my writing comes and goes.

How many times have I set out to "write a blog every day" or "send an email to my list every week" only to make it happen through a few cycles and then peter out?

Same goes for exercise, diet changes, "good habits" of all kinds.

Oh … you too?

After working with clients for over a decade, I know that many of us experience the endless cycle of falling off any and all wagons, using great effort to get back on again, only to fall off a few days or weeks later.

Here's the deal: That's just how it goes. You get in, you get off, you start, you stop, you get distracted, re-enchanted, and distracted again.

Find this and more on my Instagram: @nyssahanger

Find this and more on my Instagram: @nyssahanger

I'm choosing to cut the crappy words to myself and just become proficient in the Art of Being Consistently Inconsistent.

For real, it's not too bad. You should try it!

What do you start and stop over and over again? What can you create ease around by telling yourself, "it's okay to be consistently inconsistent?”

Let me know in the comments.

Also, get ready to see a blog every weekday and an email each week.*

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*Okay, full disclosure. We will see what happens. But I'm in a make-big-declarations kind of mood. What can you declare to do regularly right now?