So I missed a day. I thought about it last night right as I was going to sleep, but decided that I was too relaxed and it was already late enough that it was okay.  Good thing this blog is called, "Not So Seriously." It really eases up the need for perfection and makes it more play.

Last night we had our first meal together with the new roommate.  My current roommate and I reflected on our almost 3 years together, how we've learned about each other, ourselves. Before we moved in together, I almost lived by myself but through some divine weaving the universe brought me this roommate who's been a great match for me.  We've both done really well at recognizing the truth beyond general roommate disputes. Through consistent and honest communication, we've turned our disagreements into lessons about who we are.  Personal growth is just a natural by-product of this process.    But it also means recognizing when our actions come out of a need for control and discerning the most compassionate way to express our opinions (or if communication is necessary at all).  Its hard work, but totally worth it.

I was reminded of this idea I had that was on a post-it note on my desk for a long time. It read:

The clash of otherness
creates the possibility
for the transcendence 
of duality. 

Looking back, I can see how this statement informs much of what I offer to the world. To remember actually means to come together (-member), again (re-).  When we come together with others, are able to cross the bridge, we have the opportunity to meet the divine in them and recognize it as ourselves.  But this takes practice. I am thankful to both my roommates for allowing this opportunity for each of us to become more of who we are.