Join me on the Upward Spiral

We gain momentum when we spiral together.

Healing doesn't happen without community. As I travel along my healing journey, I'm here to help you along yours. 

Here are the ways that we can work together:

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  • Learn aromatherapy at home with me and my mom (aromatherapist extraordinaire!) by becoming a member of the Inner Sanctum.

  • Check out my current list of services, fill out the form below and let’s discuss the next best step for you. 


Advanced Therapeutic Massage

Ready to work with a massage therapist that really gets it? 

Over the past decade, I’ve created a unique approach to massage therapy that goes way deeper than merely relaxing the body or releasing tight muscles. These are wonderful outcomes, but for me, these are just the beginning of what we can do with a 90 minute session. 


Emotional Energy Release Therapy

We have are born with a natural urge to reach out for love and comfort. Over time in our lives, that urge can become dulled or blocked through experiences of pain and hurt. Our body protects itself by building body armor, or chronically tightened tissue, which then contribute to patterns that can hold us back from freely expressing ourselves. 

By utilizing the power of deep breathing, we can assist the body in releasing the trapped energy of unexpressed emotions. These sessions do not substitute but can work in conjunction with other mental health therapies to provide a holistic approach to healing the body and beyond.


Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching

Do you desire lasting change in your life but can’t seem to get it happening?

Gain insight and understanding in what you can do to create the life you feel you are ready for. Using tools of empowerment, I will guide you through how to use natural healing remedies to make lasting change in your life.


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