Wellness Coaching with Nyssa

Use the Upward Spiral Approach to finally make the changes you’ve been seeking.

In a series of three sessions, we will help you to design and implement rituals in your life using tools of empowerment. 

Each session will begin with a few moments of mindfulness and the setting of an intention.

As appropriate, we will incorporate various practices to help you begin to achieve your goals. 


Your Tools of Empowerment May Include:

  • Meditation

  • Yoga (asana or postures)

  • Affirmations

  • Mantra

  • Essential oils

  • Herbal tea


We will help you to identify what is not working in your life and provide suggestions based on your interests and our education to break the cycles that are keeping you stuck. Our sessions will provide accountability to help you stick to those changes or work to find new ones that work better. 

Remember, the journey is a process. We are here to light the way.