Become an Upward Spiral Therapist

Upward Spiral Therapy is an approach to therapeutic massage and bodywork that aims to heal the client on the levels of the body, mind, spirit, and heart. Integrating their unique blend of healing modalities, the therapist uses the principles taught in Upward Spiral Therapy to create a personalized session for the client, which fulfills their needs at that particular time.

For the therapist, Upward Spiral Therapy provides a framework for which to build a signature session, utilizing endless variations that can be customized to fit each client’s needs. We teach you how treat painful conditions of both the body and the mind. We also provide the space and support for you to learn and grow on your own healing journey. We want to help you discover the depths of embarking upon a career in the healing arts, and how much it can teach us about our own personal healing.

This course isn’t like other massage therapy courses. This course is designed to transform your practice and your life. Not only will you get live classroom time including lecture, discussion, demonstration, and practice, but you will also begin a mentorship with Nyssa, creator of Upward Spiral Therapy.

This is about becoming the massage therapist you know you can become and continuing your own healing, so you can live a joy-filled life.

First official training will begin in 2019.

We do have a few openings in our pilot training for this fall. Please fill out the form here if you are interested in learning more.