Day 43: An Upgrade

Ever since I moved to my office a year ago, I have not been able to make a phone call from my cell phone (which is also my business phone) from inside the building. It has been incredibly inconvenient, resulted in many dropped calls and caused me to talk very close to the nearest window, which was often in another room. One of my other office mates had the same issue but switched carriers a month in. I was holding on for as long as I can.

So my phone started to break down in other ways recently, and I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade my phone and change carriers.  My dad offered to cover the cost of a new phone for my birthday and that's the part I am most grateful for. I wouldn't have gotten something so nice for myself, but took his phone recommendation and am happy with the result. It will even let me take some better pictures for this project. Super plus. I am blessed.