Day 98: A Full Night's Sleep

A few weeks ago, I was lucky to be getting 6 hours of sleep per night. Part of this was due to over-scheduling myself and not allowing time for rest. As much as I am thankful for the abundance of work the universe has given me lately, I have to tell myself that I can only do so much before I start to suffer from it.

Then something happened last week. I don't know what exactly, but I found myself yawning after 9pm and crawling into bed before 10 - almost every night! I have never been one to go to bed early until last week. And it was great! I started getting 8+ hours of sleep every night and wondered how I was managing before.

Night time has often been my time to write and post my gratitude over the past few months, and going to bed early is part of what has kept me from finishing this project. And I am totally okay with that. As much as I believe it is important to keep with my word to myself and finish my project, I think my health is a little more important.

Here's to sleep and right decision-making!

Day 58: Early Mornings

Most mornings I don't want to get out of bed. Not in the I'm-so-depressed-way but in the gosh-sleep-is-one-of-the-best-things-ever-please-more kind of ways. Being cuddled up under a blanket is one of probably my most favorite things in the world, especially after I've been laying there asleep for several hours. I'm warm, relaxed, a bit drowsy, nothing seems better than to keep sleeping.  It's amazing I ever get up at all. 

But, once I am up and moving, I feel so inspired by early mornings. It seems like more gets done and that it is easier to relax at the end of a day. It feels like it is the way a day was meant to be spent, seeing the full spectrum of the sun's hues, sunrise and sunset.  

I've been saying that I've been working on willing myself to be a morning person because I want to cherish the time of early morning.  I've gotten better but have longer to go. We will see how it goes tomorrow morning...