Almost a Year

It has been almost a year since I had my last post on here. Ironically, it was about why we have interruptions in writing.

It has been quite a year for sure. Since last August when we opened our first "store" and started to move forward with our vision of the Upward Spiral Center, we've manifested our own space in our home neighborhood of Seminole Heights. We've been building this vision throughout the summer and our now ready for a full Fall season. 

I've been inspired by Seth's Blog post from today on SUSDAT - Show Up, Sit Down, and Type. For someone who teaching the virtue of "just sitting down to write" I could use more of this discipline in my life. 

So let's see if the next year will show more time spent "just writing" on my side and we can see where it gets us. Or I can see where it gets me. Because let's be real, I'm not writing for you (no offense), I'm writing for me. 

Day 40: Acupuncture

Technically this should have been posted yesterday but who's counting?

Yesterday I received my first acupuncture treatment in months. I have this great friend who is also a great acupuncturist and the only person I let put needles all over my body. Her name is Dr. Becky Rubright and she is the owner of

Living Harmony Healing Center

in Seminole Heights.

Dr. Becky listened to me talk about where I'm at right now and we both decided that a "tree of life pattern" was the best option for me. Becky's approach to acupuncture incorporates sacred geometry and knowledge of the chakras.  For a metaphorical metaphysicist like me, this is perfect. We used my session to encourage my growth in all spheres of my life.

It was just what I needed!