Poetry :: Mobius Strip of Remembering

Learning to live in the moment only happens once. 


Right now. 


And still it keeps happening over

and over and over again.


Like a repeat loop of deja vu.

A mobius strip of remembering. 


It's the space in between

"see you later"


"hello again."


We think we are either moving towards or away

from something at most times, but really we are learning

and re-learning the lesson of how to be still. 

Day 86: Choice

With this national day of choice and decision, I am going to honor choice. Not only am I thankful being able to cast my vote for president and other offices and ammendments, but I am thankful for the thousands of choices I get each day.

Other fellow Librans may be thrown off by a gratitude for choice, especially those educated in French Existentialism, believing that it is our endless choices that condemns us, but I will argue that it is also what frees us. At least, it is what frees me.

So today I am grateful for all the choices I have made, sound and dumb, that have brought me here to this moment, right now. When I think about it, it's a pretty good moment, this one. I am willing to bet the next is just as uniquely great also.