The Third Day

Every new habit has a "honeymoon" period. As I get deeper into this commitment to SUSDAT (Show Up, Sit Down and Type), it starts to have a little less thrill and a little more weight of "What am I going to write about?"

This is a very early morning of a full day and I know if I don't do this practice right now, it won't happen. So I'll take this moment to acknowledge that I already feel good about several of the posts done already, which would not have been written without this commitment. 

My first poetry mentor encouraged me to write a poem a day because statistically, that's how we begin to grow a volume of good work. It might only be 10% of what we've written, but we also have gained experience, tons of salvageable material and the feeling that we can do it. 

Well, this is just showing myself that I can do it.