I saw a friend yesterday who said, "So you are going to be "turdy-uno" tomorrow..." I like this reference to turning 31. 

Last year, it felt like a much bigger deal. Turning 30 means one is no longer in the fun-loving decade of the 20s when one was still young, beautiful, and trying to figure out the world. Transitioning from 29 to 30 felt serious, and a bit dreaded. But now that I am turning from 30 to 31, I feel not so serious at all. I see that where youth and beauty matter most are truly in the heart and that figuring out the world is a forever journey, so the things I thought were "ending" can actually never end.

So calling this birthday Turdy-Uno feels so appropriate. 

The wisest among us are also the most playful. I'm glad to be embracing age with a light and open heart. 


As a note, my blog from a few years ago was attempting to get to this place with the title, Not So Seriously. Check it out. I was still a bit serious back then, and glad to see I've lightened up.