First, the Bad News

Once during an interview with Terry Gross, the actress who plays Kelly on the Office said that her parents taught her not to use "being too busy" as an excuse because the truth is we all are too busy. Since I believe this to be true, I won't say this is my excuse for not writing on here in a while.

But I have been busy.

I am in the middle, or possibly the beginning, and in some ways hopefully the end, of the most dualistic time in my life. It is both a time of great excitement, but also has been in many ways tortuous and despairing. I will write about all the exciting stuff in the next few weeks (but NO, I am not pregnant or engaged...), but want first to share why the past few weeks have been extremely distressing.

My bedroom, home, and car (as well of those of my boyfriend) have been invaded by bird mites. Yeah, I had never heard of them either. At least that is what we think they are, but we have never actually seen them.

About 4 weeks ago, both myself and my boyfriend started finding all these little tiny but extremely itchy bites all over our bodies. Neither of my two roommates (nor both of my boyfriend's roommates) were experiencing anything of the sorts. While he and I began to obsessively wash our clothing, sheets, furniture and floors, our roommates fairly well tolerated our sudden OCD. During this process we found no fleas, flies, spiders or bedbugs. Frankly, we saw NOTHING, except the increasing bites on our arms, legs, stomachs and backs.

Our internet research led to suspect mites, narrowing it down to bird mites. Reading, we decided this was most likely what is torturing us (note the entire section devoted to "Mental Anguish;" they are not exaggerating).

Suffice it to say, my life has turned upside down. I have not slept in my own bedroom since March 15th. I have not slept at my own house since March 17th. I've thrown out my bed, bedframe, couch, and countless clothes, shoes, and nick-knacks. Not being able to see the mites, anything can be contaminated, and what I keep I have to clean continuously, making it difficult to justify keeping most things I don't have deep attachment to.

THANKFULLY, I have totally amazing parents, who have basically let me and my boyfriend move in indefinitely until its all over. So I decided to write all the reasons that bird mites have been a blessing:

  • I am gaining new appreciation for "regular" itches.

  • Lots of daily self-massage (dispersing creams and oils to sooth the constant itches)

  • Deep bonding between myself and my boyfriend ("If we can get through bird mites together, we can get through anything!")

  • Motivation for a deep and over due spring cleaning.

  • Makes me realize how little I really need to be happy (A body with no itches would be freakin' fantastic right now!)

  • Its showing me how much support I have

  • Allowing me to spend lots of time with my parents, great bonding with them too

  • Did I mention that staying at my parents includes breakfast and dinner? And laundry service? Its better than a B&B!

So we are still being diligent in many of the methods we've found online for these pests. Problem is, there is conflicting info on what poisons work and it seems multiple methods is the best and retreatment after 7 days is necessary. Plus, the itchness of the bites lasts long after the actual bite takes place so, we are kinda unsure if we are still getting bit or are just itchy. Either way, since we can not be sure they are gone because we never saw them in the first place we just keep treating EVERYTHING.

It's kinda like dealing with a ghost.

So just in case any of you wonder why I've been MIA lately, this is why. Let's hope it ends real I can spend time on the GOOD NEWS. Stay tuned!