Day 48 & 49: Michael Jackson Dance Party!

I have so much gratitude for the Michael Jackson / Prince Dance Party that

The Damn Jams

and Mermaid Tavern put on this weekend, that it is going to be my gratitude post for TWO days.

A few months ago, The Damn Jams (which is the hippest radio show in town - check 'em out on Fridays from 12pm-3am on 88.5) had a dance party at the Mermaid. Being the dance enthusiast that I am, I was out there workin' the floor and trying to get more people on it.  I suggested to the dj to play some Michael Jackson, and sure enough, after only the first few bars of "Rock with You" the dance floor was packed. Wherever you are, people love dancing to Michael Jackson.

A few weeks after the show I started insisting to my friend who's a part of The Damn Jams that if they want to have a dance party, they need to just make it a Michael Jackson Dance Party. They decided that MJ / Prince would be the best bet for creating a show with wide appeal and rich musical stylings.  But it is clear who's music I was most excited about (no offense Prince...).

I have been counting down to this party for weeks. Since I learned the Thriller Dance for Thrill the World in 2009, I agreed to teach it to others interested in dancing in a flash mob in the show.  We connected with Lindsey Lumpkins, who is running

Thrill St. Pete

this year, and got her a few more dancers to join us.

In short, the night was amazing. AMAZING. I danced for at least 4 hours. Our flash mob came together, though the Mermaid was so packed we hardly had any room, but it was still amazing.

The whole thing was really a dream come true for me. I got to dance in a room full of people to a bunch of MJ songs, see an incredible MJ impersonator (

Santana MJ

- CHECK HIM OUT), and have the time of my life. The only thing better would be if this became an annual event. I'm ready to start working on that.