The truth and my heart

"No one ever has 'talker's block'" - Seth Godin

Yes, and in my head, there is no thinker's block either. But there is a critic's mallet. A gavel thunders down after each thought. Most thoughts. 


When I try to listen for it, however, it starts to fade away, like when you catch your friend who constantly mumbles by surprise and genuinely ask, "What did you say?"

Suddenly, a voice that couldn't shut up realized it was being listened to and then clams up, unable to speak for fear of actually being heard

To equal out the equation, I can help my thoughts become words and become posts by forgetting that anyone might be reading this anyway. 

And if I listen to the inner judgments and innocently ask, "What did you say?" I can start to remove the barriers between the truth and my heart.