Another Turn of the Spiral

If the last year and half of my life was a movie, this would be a significant and climactic plot twist. 

I've begun to realize over the past few weeks that the healing center I've been envisioning happening doesn't have to be in the location in which I was envisioning it. Once I saw the location, I fell in love with it and got tunnel vision. It's an ideal location, the best neighbors I could ask for, super unique layout, room for expansion...sounds great, right? Yeah, it's super great. 

So much potential. 

But at what cost? At first, after I realized that it would take a decent sum of money to get the place up and running (my probably still too low estimate was $50,000), I continued to move forward because I know that I can create, if I work hard enough, the money it would take to make this place happen. It was too perfect to walk away from.

I can see now how I have been working really hard to create a life that can't sustain me, would have me stretched more thin than ever before, and though it would be a labor of love, it still might kill me. 

It was starting to look like the life that I DON'T want to create. 

For over the past year I've chipped away at what it will take to make this place happen, got a great team together and created a lot of momentum around this idea of "Finding our Center." But I see now that the Upward Spiral Center isn't any particular place, it's within us, within you, within me, which means that the Center will be where ever we are. 

So I'm relieved, and a little embarrassed, to realize that everything that I really need to expand my business to next level is exactly where I am at already. 

On August 1st, 2014, we will open the Upward Spiral Store in the front room in our current location. Please join us! for the opening weekend.