New Beginnings, New Endings

Many of us have a preference for beginnings. I know I do. It's the first of the month. I have a *new* resolution to write something everyday. I am excited about a new challenge and about the possibilities of what will emerge. But the real test is to see how I still feel about this venture in a week, month or year when it no longer becomes new and instead is just the way things are. 

It seems that not as many of us have a preference for endings. Some do, but I feel that many of my friends and colleagues also lament the "can't get myself to finish what I start" tendency. But there is something comforting about a bow on a package, the last page in a book, or a tidy room. 

The thing is that anything "finished" will suddenly become something new again. The unwrapping of the gift, the finding of a new book, or the living in the tidy room is what automatically follows. It's like breathing, one breath always leads to the next until the final exhalation which is hopefully many breaths away for most of us. 

So can I diffuse the excitement of new beginnings and the weight of finishing something simultaneously so I fully enjoy the totality of the process? 

Let's see.

Beginning at Home

Its always easy to begin something; its quite another to finish it.  

I find that the space around me has a large effect on my productivity. So I've been doing some rearranging at the house. I'm just about ready to do some rearranging online as well. 

I've been working hard on a new website to debut my new business venture, The Upward Spiral Center.  Its building on the work I've already created with Upward Spiral Therapy, but I'm ready to grow and become all that I dreamed. 

So that means really committing to an online presence.  I tend to shy way from such things due to anxiety over my own persona and fear that it will all feed my ego. But I also believe I can approach it in a way that helps me learn about and from my ego. 

Here we go!