How to Make Peace with Social Media

Are you struggling to create a healthy relationship with social media?

Do you know you need to put yourself out there to grow your business, but find yourself overthinking or stopping altogether when you create a new post?

If there’s one thing that’s for sure in the immediate future, it’s this: Social media isn’t going anywhere.

I know I’ve had my battles with it.

For years, I held onto the self-diagnosis that I suffered from “social media anxiety.” But as someone who’s owned my own business since 2007, I knew in my heart that I needed to make peace with this way to reach people.

These platforms can definitely be a source of joy and inspiration these days, but they can just as easily start to steal our energy and self-esteem.

Lately, I’ve been finding ways to create helpful habits with social media, so it can be a useful tool to help me share my unquenchable love for finding and sharing joy.

It all circles around something I heard Kate Northrup say in the Kate and Mike Show Podcast. (I’m sorry I can’t remember which episode it was now because I’ve listened to so many the past few weeks. If you’re interested in creating a life and not just a living, I HIGHLY recommend it.)

My Post-4.jpg

While talking about her own relationship to social media, she said that she likes to, “Be the light … and then log off.”

I’ve held on tight to this mantra, and it’s been a compass for conducting my social media experience. When I log on now, I ask myself what I can add to the conversation that is constructive, supportive, and an offering of connection.

We’ve all heard what Marie Kondo says about clearing the clutter from our lives, but now I’m wondering how I can encourage the things that “spark joy” for me in the digital world, too.

This means creating content that will do the same for others as well.

It makes all the difference!

So now I’m wondering, what is your relationship with social media like? Are there people you follow that bring joy to your feed?

If you yourself are a light-bringer, share your contact info below so I can follow you, too.

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