101 Days of Gratitude 2019

Back in 2013, I began a project called 101 Days of Gratitude, where I would try to find something I was grateful for each day and post that on social media. Rarely have I sustained the practice the entire time, but it’s always been fun trying. Revisiting gratitude lists from previous years is also good. It reminds me of the challenges I’ve overcome and the good times that have passed.

In light of the event of the summer, namely my husband’s close encounter with death via a bullet from celebratory gunfire, I am even more motivated by this intentional practice of gratitude. As soon as I found out the event happened, and as each chapter of this journey has unfolded, I’ve leaned hard on gratitude.

I’m so grateful it didn’t cause major damage.

I’m so grateful he is talking and not in excruciating pain.

I’m so grateful he’s alive!

I’m so grateful I was already heading up to Ohio and had no idea anything happened until my plane landed in Cleveland.

I’m so grateful he got to go home that night.

I’m so grateful for all the support from our community.

I could go on.

But now that I got some of that out of my system, I feel I can focus on finding other pockets of gratitude throughout my days.

I’m not going to lie and say I’m okay after all of this. I’m not, but also don’t worry, I’m not super debilitated. I’m just trying to slow down and take care of only the essential things. One of those things over the next 4 months is going to be gratitude.

The 7th Annual 101 Days of Gratitude is beginning Monday, August 19th, 2019.

Gratitude helps keep us on the up and up. But remembering to find the gratitude in each day is a journey.

Join me in this sustained practice of gratitude leading up to Thanksgiving. Follow my journey on Instagram.

How you can participate:

  • Write something down that you are grateful for every day. You can choose to create a list in your journal, on your mirror, or on your social media outlet (use the hashtag #101gratitude). Get creative!

  • Write something you are grateful for on our "gratitude wall" at Upward Spiral.

How about you start right now?! Leave me a comment with something you are grateful for. Maybe it’s something that could have turned out worse but didn’t? Really anything goes! Try to be specific and list as many things as you want!