Give it a name.

Sometimes things just happen. 

As I was doing my weekly planning and goal-setting, I felt the urge to name a collection of writing I have been working on. So then I asked myself, if I had to pick a name for what is essentially becoming the next phase my personal and professional evolution, what would it be?

Immediately, I heard the phrase Heart Fire.

Heart Fire?

Heart. Fire. 

Hmm, I thought. I could get behind that.

Heart makes sense. Everything I do comes back to the heart—healing the heart, learning to live in the heart. Fire relates to my burning desire to share what is in my heart, and to spark a fire within others, to burn down all the walls that hold us back, to see what is left.  

So, I googled "heart fire" and found out that it's a specific diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I really should have predicted that. It's described as over-the-top energy, with so much potential that it can disrupt one's health. Ummm, did I just self-diagnose myself? 

Just this morning, I was texting with my Accountability Buddy. I told him why I feel resistant to some projects and tasks. I ended up saying, “I burn hot and fast.”

Was my subconscious trying to tell me something? 

Ironically, it fueled the fire I needed because now I’m writing this. Somehow, I have a clearer vision of how I see myself, my business, and my future. I just needed to give it a name. 

Without manifesting more heart fire in the TCM sense, I wondered how I could transform this concept. Part of my affinity for this name lies in the fact that my Ayurvedic dosa is primarily Pitta, the most fire-y of the dosas. 

So I thought, “Heart Fire ... what? How can I transform the idea of "heart fire" from something that causes disease to something more fitting?” I have continuously been coming back to the same idea, that the solution to my problem of burnout is to change the way I use my energy. It's time for transformation. 

Heart Fire ... Magic.

It is Friday the 13th after all. 

My heart has been yearning to share what I am learning in my life, and I felt I needed a place to put all of it. 

Here, I’ll share my discoveries in hopes that they inspire you. May we all learn to use the fire in our hearts to create magic.