The Secret to Writing That's Worthy of Sharing

At the end of last summer, I became recommitted to this blog, but it seems I’ve fallen off any regular posting schedule.

I suppose it can be seen as a metaphor for growing. Sometimes we lay dormant, but other times we flourish. 

It’s the nature of things. The problem happens when we think that progress is supposed to be another way, steadily marching forth with tireless effort and stamina. But we are not exempt from the cycles that surround us. 

Day moves into night, summer becomes winter, and we are constantly changing despite having times of seeming the same. 

When we stop letting go of what we think we are supposed to do, write, say, teach, be, or become, the true expression of all of those things finally has a chance to come forth. 

For weeks I’ve sat waiting for the “right next post” to come into my mind at a time that was most convenient for my writing. But I know that’s not how it works. 

Instead, this morning, I did what I’ve always done to break the tension: SUSDAT

Once I allowed myself to write nothing “blog-worthy” I ended up writing something that I wanted to share.