Learning to Lighten Up

Another way that I've been learning to lighten up is by really tidying up, which means mainly learning to discard. The book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has been instrumental in this process.

Yesterday, I began to work through my clothes, discarding everything that doesn't "spark joy" and only keeping what's left. It's now a joy to get dressed because I choose from only things I love. 

One of the best parts of this experience was that the clothes I discarded just disappeared! Well, what really happened was that several of my female friends brought over a surprise birthday cake for my birthday. As we stood by the almost barricade of bags by the door, I asked if anyone wanted to look through some clothes. They ended up taking every bag with them! I secretly had hoped someone would just take them off my hands, and before I knew it, the floor was clear. 

I'm beginning to believe there is magic in tidying. As we are willing to shed what is no longer a part of our lives, the universe stands up to help us in this process. By letting go, we make room for our lives as they are, not as they were or as we thought they should be.