Day 28: Rainy Sunday Mornings

The past few weeks I have been working on willing myself to be a morning person.  I'm halfway there. I love morning time. When I am up for it I enjoy the slowly brightening day and my stirring mind, an easy transition into the day.

But I'm not consistently there yet.  I stay up too late and am so comfy in the morning, it's difficult to get up and going. I am happy to say I was successful with getting up way earlier than my usual time without an alarm yesterday morning. It was fabulous! More please, I thought to myself.

This morning was a whole different story. I woke up to the gentle light of a rainy morning, the sound calming my consciousness, and didn't even worry about what time is was or was not. Usually immediately upon awakening, I am churning through my to-dos and strategizing from the get-go. This can create an almost traumatic emergence from sleep and generally stresses me out if I don't watch it.

So when I awoke to the soft tap of rain drops and a sunrise of cloudy skies, it only seemed right to enjoy some Sunday morning time just laying in bed. Spending the first 20 minutes of my day just enjoying where I was at helped set the feeling for the rest of my day. It makes me think I should do that more often, rain or shine.

Nature is teaching me right.