Day 23: A Supportive Workplace

When I go into work in the morning, I don't have much to complain about. I mean, I get to do a job that I love in a beautiful space with other people that also love what they do.  A year ago, I moved from one beautiful space shared with someone else who loves what they do (if you don't know about Living Harmony Healing Center, check it out!) to the place I am at now.  I had an opportunity to share space with my mentor in an office that had room for classes and future growth so I took it. We shared the space with two other therapists and had our ears open for another health care professional that would like the remaining room in the office.  We didn't actively look for anyone and good thing! A few months ago three mental health therapists visited the complex looking for a space to rent. As soon as they walked in the door, we knew they were the perfect fit.

The energy has gotten brighter in the office.  We were excited about the possibilities of our growth as therapists before but now its amplified. I get to go into work knowing that there are others there also following their passion.  That is good company.