Day 6: My Fur Friends

Today's gratitude goes out to my pups. They aren't really puppies, but sometimes have so much energy I confused them with young ones. Baylee, the cockapoo, has been with me since 2005. Gracie, black lab mix, came to live with us around 2010 and they've been best buds since. These little creatures help to keep me in the moment.  They are always ready for love and playtime.  Its amazing to me how they can read emotions. Just the other day I was sharing with my boyfriend something unpleasant about my day and Baylee's sympathetic response was immediate. He might not be able to understand what I say, but he knows what it means. When I wake up or come home, there are two excited little beings ready to greet me.  I know they are both excited to see me and also wondering when is the next time we are going to go outside. They remind me how important it is for us all to spend a little time everyday outdoors.