Day 14: Wonderful Parents

I can be thankful for a lot of things, but none of that gratitude is possible without my parents because, well, they are how I got here to feel gratitude in the first place.  I'd say the fact that I've taken on a project like 101 Days of Gratitude shows what a great job they did in getting me up and going in the world. My abundant positivity and drive to create a better world has a lot to do with what I've learned from them.

Here's a few things in particular I am grateful for concerning my parents:

1. They are still together. Its getting rarer and rarer to find couples that have stayed together long term, but my parents are one of them. This year they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! Just like any couple who's been together that long, they've had some hard moments.  But they've continued on in their love and still show me what it means to truly love and accept someone.

2. They are totally themselves. If you've met my parents, you'll quickly learn that they have learned to be just who they are. They also allow each other to be themselves, even though they are totally different people.  In this space I've been able to learn to be myself and they support that too.

3. They are always there for me. This is a biggie. I've known others who have not always gotten support from their parents and it has made me realize what a gift this is. There has never been a need of mine that they have not helped me fulfill.  They've always believed in my dreams no matter how out there they are and because of that I've achieved some of them already.

Mom and Dad posing at their neighbor's party last weekend. They were the life of the party!