All in the Editing

So the word on the street is that my blog posts are too long.  Or as my friend rephrased, "Its not that they are all too long, it is just that for the amount of words you are writing you are not saying that much."

Wow. Alright then.

So as I coax my confidence out of the dark corner, I thought I'd write about it. Try, try again, right?

In my contemplation on these observations I think I've realized a key point here: I avoid editing. The act of composition gets all my attention and then I want to be done with it.  In the last few years my writing practice has focused on learning to write my first thoughts, let go of the internal censor, allow my deeper voices to uncover themselves. It seems now that I forgot this is just the first step in the creating writing that I want to share.

Leaving first thoughts as first thoughts is just fine if I'm the only one reading it.  But if I want to put it out for others then it's best I clean it up a bit. I don't want to read someone else's mess. And I'm sure you don't want to either.


We'll mark this as the beginning of my "Say More with Less" campaign and I proudly affirm that this post has been edited for your reading pleasure.