There is this really amazing open mic every Thursday night at Cafe Hey.  Called the "Open Heart Open Mind Open Mic," it is a place where anyone can share anything. Its incredible what happens in that space. I am lucky enough to say I've had something to do with it.

Started almost 4 years ago with my friend Penny, our open mic has become well-known as a place to come and be yourself.  It is the main focus of Door Stop Productions, a love-project created to connect with community artists and explore the power of live performance.

This picture is from the open mic tonight, which was one of those that felt even more synergistic than others.  We had a great crowd, ranging from 1 to I don't know 60...70?  Here's a pic of Micah fascinated by Zane's harmonica.

There was a great range of poetry, comedy, and music and a genuine appreciation for each performer from the whole audience.  I don't know what it is like for people that come in for the first time, but I hope it's like they just walked into a gathering of family that they didn't even know they had yet.