While on our way to yoga this evening, my roommate and I saw this sign on the corner of Busch and Nebraska and I had to capture it in a picture.

The sign reads, "Happy Morther Day," with a happy little smiley face.  When I first saw it I was startled by a sign that wasn't advertising a house for sale or small business. I mean, how often do we see signs displaying positive messages and nothing else?  But then I looked closer and saw that it didn't quite read "Mother's Day" as we might expect. There seems to be a stowaway R and lack of a possessive S or apostrophe.  And yet, I can't help but feel that the person who made this was unaware of the divergence of the traditional message of today.  It seems like they just wanted to spread the love. 

Upon further reflection, my roommate and I both felt reminded of mortality with this extra R.  As if, on this day celebrating the person who gave us life, we should also recognize the other end of that line - our eventual death. 

So many questions surrounding this sign, the answers to which we will never know.  And somehow all of it together, helps me to just focus on the real focus of the message. Happy and today.